Airport Administration

155 Burr Street
New Haven, CT 06512
United States of America 
Tel: (203) 466-8833
Fax: (203) 466-1199
The terminal opens approximately two hours before the first flight and closes approximately one hour after the last flight.
NOTE: You will be asked to leave the facility when the terminal closes.
Airport Manager
Jeremy Nielson
203-466-8833 x 105
Assistant Airport Manager 
Felipe Suriel
203-466-833 x 102
Executive Director Airport Authority
Tim Larson
203-466-8833 x 110

Airport Badging

Kathy Grant
(203) 466-8833 ext. 109

Airport ID badging is by appointment only. Please call for monthly schedule.

Airport Information/Hotline

(203) 466-8844

For questions regarding airline travel through Tweed, including ticketing information, lost baggage, security checkpoints, and flight schedules or status, please contact your air carrier directly.


Things To Know

For a list of things to know for a better, quicker, and safer Tweed experience, click here.