Boston, Massachusetts

Whether you call it The Cradle of Liberty, The City of Champions or Beantown, Boston Massachusetts can be one of the most exciting cities you will ever visit. Go see a champion sports team, walk the streets where American freedom was born and take a tour on a really big duck. Fly Tweed New Haven to Boston and travel to one of the most important cities in American history. A city that single handedly started a revolution.

Does it Quack?

Have you ever wanted to take a ride on a duck? That’s right, we said a duck. Take a land and water tour of the great city of Boston on one of the famous Boston Duck Boats, World War II amphibious transports modified to tour the streets of Boston. The tour is guided by one of the Duck Tour Conducktors (ask for Guido Gondolier) and takes about 60 to 80 minutes depending on the tour starting point.

There are three locations where the tour starts and finishes: The Museum of Science, The Prudential Center and The New England Aquarium. Tours from The Museum of Science and The Prudential Center are about 80 minutes long and the tour from The New England Aquarium is about 60 minutes long.

Take the Walk of Freedom

Boston, Massachusetts is the city that sparked the American Revolution. Before the war started in 1775, many acts of revolution against the tyranny of Britain took place in Boston. When you fly Tweed New Haven to Boston you can explore the beginning of American freedom by taking a walk on The Freedom Trail.

The Freedom trail is a 2.5 mile brick lined route that leads to 16 historically significant sites throughout Boston. Some of the historical sites include The Bunker Hill Memorial, The USS Constitution and the very place that The Boston Massacre took place. One side of the tour starts at The Boston Common and the other at Monument Square, where The Bunker Hill Memorial stands. Tickets are available to attend an organized tour or find maps and resources online to help you create your own tour.


Boston, Massachusetts has a variety of nicknames for its dominance in professional sports. Nicknames like The City of Champions and Titletown have been given to Boston particularly in honor of the Boston Celtics who have won 17 NBA Championships. Along with Tweed Destination Philadelphia, Boston is one of 13 cities in the United States that are home to a least one sports team for all four major sports.   

Depending on the time of year, make sure to attend at least one Boston sports game. Visit The Boston Red Sox at historical Fenway Park where the history of Ted Williams resides and the legend of The Great Bambino began. If the league isn’t still locked out try and catch a Boston Bruins hockey game. It might be cold out, but Gillette Stadium, home of the New England Patriots, is well worth a visit. Finally, come cheer for the Boston Celtics, The NBA team with the most championships in NBA history.