London, England

A city as old as history itself, London provides the quintessential escape for beauty and culture.  Visit landmarks dedicated to the great monarchs of London as well as the world’s greatest characters from Shakespeare to Harry Potter. London’s buildings display timelessly beautiful facades mixed with modern elements and lined with a distinct appreciation for nature. And there is no greater pleasure than standing right in front of a structure as iconic as Big Ben.

Rich History
Just by navigating the cobblestone paths and winding streets of London, one is overwhelmed by a sense of connection to the city’s history.

One of the most popular stops is Westminister Abbey, the large church that is not only the final resting play of many past monarchs and historic persons, but also the location for every royal coronation since 1066. Magnificent inside and out, the Abbey represents an important piece of English history.

A display of even greater beauty is hidden in the Tower of London, which formerly served as part of a fortress and a prison for high born troublemakers. Now, the Tower is known mostly as the home of the British Crown Jewels. The collection features the gorgeous diamonds and crowns worn by England’s kings and queens at their coronation.

Finally, the Globe Theater is a haven for Shakespeare lovers and history buffs alike. The theater, which is a reconstruction of the original venue in which Shakespeare was a writer and actor, puts on shows regularly while providing an outlet for education regarding Shakespeare’s work.

Beautiful Sites
London is a city that matches modern metro life with beauty and history like no other. Tucked within the city’s busy streets are several gorgeous royal parks.  Enjoy a picnic on the lovely green of Hyde Park or explore Kensington Gardens, the flowery setting for Kensington Palace.

For a bird’s eye view of the city, hop on the London Eye. The Ferris wheel style ride is the best way to see all the sites in one shot.

 Iconic Attractions
 London is loaded with monuments, each more magnificent    and popular than the other. St. Paul’s Cathedral, Buckingham  Palace, Tower Bridge, Trafalgar Square… there’s literally no end to the sight seeing tour.

 For a touch of modern Europe, take a trip across the  Millenium Bridge to the Tate Modern art museum. To get a feel for the city’s metropolitan life, visit Covent Gardens, a playground for tourists to shop or admire the area’s street performers.