Visit NYC

New York City, New York
New York City…Center of the Universe. At every turn, there is a new adventure or discovery. The biggest decision of any trip to NYC is where to start! From there, it’s just a matter of navigating the subway or hailing down a cab (we recommend HubStop for planning your route) before you are standing in the center of Times Square or climbing the steps to the Met. Either way, you’re exploring the terrain of one of the most famous and exhilarating cities in the world.

Exploring the City
Sight-seeing in New York City is more than just a slue of historical destinations. New York City is a living, breathing hub that is made up of not only landmarks and museums, but modern fashion and cultural experiences as well.

The Sights
A trip to NYC should consist of the city’s top attractions such as the Empire State Building, the Statue of Liberty and Times Square. Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty portray the United States’ rich history of immigration, as it served as the main entryway for European travelers. The Empire State Building is an iconic destination that needs no introduction. Climb to the top for one of the city’s most spectacular views. Finally, Times Square is everyone’s favorite New Year’s Eve sight and home to shopping, Broadway shows and television stations from ABC to MTV.

Art fanatics and appreciators alike will be enraptured by the Metropolitan Museum of Art (known fondly as “the Met”). Take a break from the bustling New York City streets to wander the silent art galleries, which are guaranteed to please those of every taste. Make a stop at the roof garden before leaving to take in a stunning view of Central Park and the skyscrapers behind it.

NYC Today
To get a sense of the lifestyle and culture in NYC, our best advice is to simply walk around! Get a taste for the cutting edge in fashion by strolling through the glamorous high-end shops and exploring the fashion district for the flagship stores of top brands like Barneys and Saks Fifth Avenue. Fifth Avenue is a notorious destination for fashionistas and tourists alike.

NYC is also home to mouth-watering restaurants of every cultural influence. Even at 4 a.m., the cuisine options are endless. To avoid the risk of clamoring on about our favorite NYC eats (and believe us, we could!), we’ll let the pros guide your food tour of the city. For information by neighborhood (including the boroughs), check out Serious Eats. is another great resource that allows sorting by cuisine type, then choose the neighborhood. If you want an authentic NYC meal, you’re looking at grabbing a slice (of pizza) from just about anywhere!

Events on the Fly
The great thing about New York is the never-ending list of things to do and places to go. Wake up one day and find a street fair outside or a musician taking the stage in Bryant Park. Amidst the hustle and bustle of the city lies a new adventure or activity to take part in.