Whether you’re famous or wish you could be, it’s always a good time to Fly Tweed New Haven to Los Angeles, California. The City of Angels is home to Hollywood, amusement parks, great sports teams and world class restaurants.

Grauman’s Chinese Theater

Every year thousands of people line the sidewalks for all of the big movie premieres that are held at Grauman’s Chinese Theater. The red carpet lines the walk way and many famous movie, television and radio stars make their entrance for their new movie premiere.

On a daily basis you can go to the theater and check out the Walk of Fame. Stars like, John Belushi, Jennifer Aniston and Bud Abbott, who have had movie premieres at the theater have imprinted their hands and signatures in the cement of the sidewalk outside of Grauman’s Chinese Theater. Grauman’s Chinese Theater acts as a regular movie theater that shows first run movies daily. 

Universal Studios Hollywood

If you are up for a little action and adventure, head over to Universal Studios Hollywood for a day full of rides and attractions. From King Kong to The Simpsons, Universal Hollywood Studios has many rides that put you right in the center of your favorite movie or TV show.

If you don’t feel like going on rides you can still enjoy Universal Studios Hollywood. Take a tram car ride with Comedian Jimmy Fallon on the Studio Tour. Enjoy a back lot tour that takes you behind the scenes of the world’s largest working movie studio. 

Griffith Park

Take a day out on the trail and hike through Griffith Park. With over 4,000 acres of land, Griffith Park overlooks the Los Angeles skyline as well as the Hollywood sign.

During your hike, take a break and go to the Griffith Park Observatory. Inside you can enjoy the Samuel Oschin Planetarium and observe the giant telescope that looks into the Los Angeles sky every night. The planetarium also has many programs during the day and night. Some of the programs, like “Centered in The Universe” and “Water is Life,” explore the ideas of a universe that is more than just about Earth.